• KOKU & AKpene Akakpo

    Togo, West Africa

    Koku and Akpene Akakpo are faithfully following the Lord's call to minister in Christ's name in their native country of Togo. Koku and Akpene are involved with Church Planting, Evangelism, Discipleship, Women's & Children's ministries as well as Community Development. The Akakpo's have been serving with the Faith Baptist Mission since 2018.


    portland, oregon (Ministry Experience in Central America)

    Mark and Karen served nearly 23 years as Crossworld missionaries and have spent the past few years serving at WorldView, specifically the Institute for International Christian Communication in Portland, OR. Mark is currently the Executive Director of Worldview. His roles include administrative leadership and teaching, with a teaching emphasis on missionary preparation in both English and Spanish. Karen serves part-time at Western Seminary as Administrative Assistant for the Department of Intercultural Studies while also serving part time as a Training Faculty member of WorldView. Her WorldView roles include teaching in missionary preparation activities in both English and Spanish. She is the platform administrator for Worldview's online teaching, occasional cook for the international community who live at the WorldView Center, and active in mentoring in the online program that WorldView provides. Recently, Mark and Karen went to Panama where they helped train missionaries being sent from Panama to North Africa, Central Asia, and South Asia. For more information about the ministries of WorldView, please see their website:

  • Lucas & BellA Leite


    Lucas and Bella Leite serve at the Word of Life Bible Institute in São Paulo, Brazil. Specifically their mission is to train pastors, counselors, and missionaries to do the work of biblical soul care in their local churches. They find great joy in serving the Savior and equipping leaders in Christ's Church to more effectively share and live out the gospel.

  • Todd & Beth Meyerdirk

    Hungary, Eastern Europe

    Todd & Beth have served just outside of Budapest with Word of Life Hungary for a number of years. Todd serves in several roles within the ministries of Word of Life Hungary. In the Bible institute he serves as the Campus Pastor, a resident Bible teacher, and coordinator of the Bible Institutes discipleship and mentoring program. Outside of the Bible Institute, Todd serves as the coordinator for the Internship program working with interns who serve in all areas of Word of Life Hungary’s ministry. These various roles provide Todd  with numerous opportunities for a wide variety of ministry, including Bible teaching, practical ministry training, pastoral care, mentoring, and evangelism.

    While Beth’s primary ministry is the care and education of our three daughters, she is actively involved in the ministry of Word of Life Hungary. She serves the Bible Institute by assisting with the Solid Foundation Scholarship program and helps with the discipleship and mentoring program by mentoring women students, leading a small group for women students, and hosting student fellowships in the home. Outside of the Bible Institute, Beth helps Todd with the internship program, providing hospitality to guest groups, and helping with the summer camp ministry.

  • Tamás & Xénia Mezei

    hungary, Eastern Europe

    Tamás & Xénia have been involved with Word of Life Hungary for a number of years. Xénia has served as the Assistant to the Director of WOL Hungary, and recently Támas has transitioned from pastoring  a local church in Hungary to now serving as the leader of Local Outreach Ministries for Word of Life Hungary. Támas and Xénia are very involved in the summer camp ministries of WOL, and Támas serves as a translator at the Bible Institute during the school year. One of their primary focuses centers upon connecting the ministries of WOL Hungary with local churches in the area. They have helped established satellite summer camps  (co-ministering with partnering churches abroad as well as various BI students and missionaries from WOL Hungary) who are ministering to youth in many villages and connecting them with the local church in their area. It is exciting to see the Lord's work of connecting the resources of WOL Hungary with local Hungarian churches through satellite summer camps!

  • Filipe & Carol Santos

    São Paulo, Brazil, South America

    The Santos family serves in Brazil with Word of Life, working at the Word of Life Bible Seminary in Atibaia, São Paulo. The Santos' are part of the resident team of missionaries who dedicate their gifts to invest in the discipleship of our students and their families at our campus.

    WOL Bible Seminary is a faith-based ministry that in its 67 years of history has been working in Brazil, training pastors, Christian educators, missionaries, and Christian leaders who are serving all over the country, and around the world. At WOL Bible seminary, Filipe Santos serves as the Dean of Graduate School as well as one of the resident professors, but he also maintains an intense teaching ministry in different parts of the country, in Bible colleges, seminaries, and local churches.


    Denver, COlorado & cote d'ivoire, west africa

    Tim and Janet have served through SIM in Cote d'Ivoire for nearly 30 years. They are currently residing in the Denver, CO area while still ministering through SIM.  Pray for Tim as he continues to be SIM’s “Ministry Point Person for Literature.” Pray for him as he consults on a new “Pastor’s Book Set” conference in Russian and also seeks to find a reference book translated into French for the upcoming conference in French-speaking Africa. Pray for Janet as she continues to be in contact with ministry in Africa, and explores several new opportunities here. Pray also for some additional financial support as they serve here and plan to return to Africa several months a year. Tim's late father, Bob Welch was a  longstanding member of Springfield Bible Church, and Tim's brother, Stan Welch, currently is a longstanding member of our church as well .